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Manufacturers and Exporters of Hexachloroethane and Foundry products.

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Established in 1988 by Mr. PANKAJ CHAUHAN (MD), SUPER FURNACE, FARIDABAD Chemical Industries (SF) is one of the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of Hexachloroethane. For over 25 years SUPER FURNACE has been serving the foundry industries with highest quality products like Degasers, Grain Refiners, Foundry Fluxes , Coatings, (Ti & Sr) Modalloys , (Mn, Cu, Fe) Adal tablets, AITi5B1 coils, Boron Hardener, Magnesium, Ingots, Fast Melting Silicon, Ceramic Foam Filters, Crucibles, Castables, etc. used in Aluminium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Brass foundries. SF also deals in various equipments like flux feeding machine, mobile degassing units, temp. measuring devices, coil feeding machines, porosity meters, etc. We are also involved in sourcing and supplying various other foundry raw material including all Fluorine Chemicals, Magnesium Chloride (Anhydrous), etc.

SF is also actively associated with various multinational companies as a contract manufacturer. We currently export our products to over 500 reputed customers and dealers spread across 40 countries in the world. Our customer base includes World’s leading primary & secondary smelters, die casters, extrusion units, manufacturers of alloys, wheels, pistons, sheets, foils, cables, etc. Equipped with the latest technology and adequate technical staff, SF constantly develops enhanced products to improve / modify the melt quality.

SF has five state of-the-art plants and head office located in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. In 2005, we have also set up our own manufacturing unit in China. We also have manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Dubai and Egypt. Our strategic location of manufacturing units in India and China gives us a competitive edge in terms of quality, price and delivery.

At IN FARIDABAD we consciously follow an environmental friendly and flexible production process along with a streamlined dispatch procedure to match the ever changing needs of the global customers. Considering the pressure of global competition our customer face, SUPER FURNACE focuses on producing cost effective innovative products. Our manufacturing units are also capable of producing custom made products as per client's specifications.

Our aim is to be a global pioneer in foundry products & solutions by producing quality products and delivering highest level of services at the most competitive prices. We plan to achieve this goal by working alongside our customers and constantly developing innovative solutions for improving the melt quality. 

This machine is used for removing hydrogen and other non metalic inclusions from molten aluminum.
There is a hollow rotor with speed control by a A. C. drive. This rotor is lowered in the molten metal bath, at the same time a fixed quantity of inert gas is passed into the metal through the rotor shaft.
The rotor swirls the metal and blows inert gas in small bubbles form into it, causing the inert gas to thoroughly mix into the molten metal and remove hydrogen and non-metalic inclusions.This is the new text page Nitrogen Degassing Unit.

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