Aluminium Melting Crucible Furnace
Silicon Carbide ElementSilicon Carbide Heater, Thermocouple Sheathing, ... Therefore it is widely used in various high temperature electric furnaces.

​Three Piece Straight Alpha SIC Rods

[SIC heating elements India]

Three piece Alpha Rod features welded low resistance (LRE) cold ends which run cooler than any one piece cold ends. Heat is concentrated in the Furnace, not the ends, for energy efficiency. Maximum Temperature 1550° C.

Super Furnace has one of the highest Hot: Cold ratios of 1:40, which makes it one of the most energy efficient Silicon Carbide Heaters.

Reaction Bonded Single Spiraled Heating Elements

[Reaction Bonded Single Spiraled Heating Elements]

Spiroheat Eelements are made from thin walled tubes of Alpha Silicon Carbide, which are dense and resistant to oxidation. Spiroheat Elements operate in most industrial and laboratory Furnaces at temperatures upto 1600oC.

Spiroheat Elements being a thin walled, fine grain form of reaction bonded Silicon Carbide, will withstand very rapid heating and cooling cycles, severe thermal shocks, and high Electrical loadings. The Spiroheat range of elements are available in different product forms to suit a variety of heating processes.

Reaction Bonded Double Spiraled Heating Elements

[Reaction Bonded Double Spiraled Heating Elements]

Spiroheat Single Ended Elements have all terminal connections at one end. These Single Ended Elements are made of Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide.

Typical density of Spiroheat Elements are 3.3 Gms./cc – 3.4 Gms./cc. These are ideal where Furnace access is limited to any one plane.

U-Shaped Alpha SIC Rods

[U-Shaped Alpha SIC Rods]

The ‘U’ Shaped Alpha Rod comprises of two carefully matched SIC Rods united with a Thickend Bridge, both terminals from one side of the Furnace. Ideal for dropthrough design, radiant tube systems or where one element will not span the heating chamber. 

Type U element with straight cold end. Dumbbell cold end are also available (For Dimensions, Resistance, Kindly Contact us):

Dumbell Shaped Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

[Dumbell Shaped Silicon Carbide Heating Elements]

One of the earliest Heating Element designs, the enlarged cold ends of the Dumbbell style element were originally made with over sized cold ends to increase cold end cross section, lowering electrical resistance, thereby lowering cold end operating temperatures.

Modern Dumbbell Alpha Rod by contrast, employ an advance technology to keep the terminal ends cool by virtue of the decreased resistivity of the lower resistance cold end material used in the manufacturing process.

Over size cold ends are therefore no longer necessary, the old style resistance ratio was 1:3, whereas the new DB resistance ratio is 1:40. Maximum temperature is 1550 deg. C. (For Dimensions, Resistance, etc. kindly contact us):

Silicon Carbide Heating Elements are designed for high temperature thermal processing applications for use in Furnaces or kilns and as a radiant heat source. The advantages of using Silicon Carbide Heating Elements are manifold. These elements are Economical, dependable, clean, quiet and safe.


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Durable in nature
Superb finishing
Long working life
Smooth and trouble-free performance
Consume less power
Low running cost
Compact & user-friendly product

We establish our brand in the national and the international market as one of the top-notch Crucible Type Aluminium Furnace manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of India. We use industrial grade raw material and ultra-modern technology while manufacturing our complete range, which helps us to fulfill the demand of our customer within a fixed time period.

We also pass it from various quality parameters before handing over to the customer, so that they will never face any problem while operating it. Due to its unique design, it is very easy to install and operate as well. Furthermore, these are well-appreciated for their high-efficiency, durability, smooth performance, low maintenance, sturdy structure and long working life.

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Terrific performance
Easy installation
Unique design
Less complicated maintenance
Heating is uniform
Accessible in different size, specification and dimensions
Consist of digital indicator controller

Our clients can avail from us  complete Aluminium Melting Plants that has been manufactured using high-grade material.

Aluminum furnace is designed to serve various industrial purposes. It consist of various elements like Fe, Al, Cr, which are supported by numerous other equipments for better heat distribution of heat and longer lifetime of the element. These aluminum melting furnace are capable of any type of alloys. These furnaces are well insulated that allows a better heat and energy distribution, which improves the crucible life expectancy. The aluminum furnace are available in various size and capacities.

We made its position in the national as well as in the international market as reputed Crucible Furnace manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of India. This is one of the oldest and the most efficient type of unit which is widely used in melting furnaces. These are thermostatically balanced and highly demanded in various industrial and commercial setups.

These are designed, developed and tested by the team of experts who always work hard and do their best to cater the demand of the customer in the best possible way. Made from premium quality raw material and cutting-edge technology this Crucible Furnace is known for their long service life, dimensional accuracy, easy installation, rugged structure, high-efficiency and trouble free performance. 

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Sturdy construction
Require less maintenance
Easy to install and operate
Hassle-free performance
Dimensional accuracy
Suitable for melting furnaces


Common features of the Aluminum Furnace are:

For melting aluminum there are different Fe, Al, Cr heating elements.
The furnace are well insulated.
The heating is uniform.
Some Aluminum Furnace are consist of digital indicating controller.
The aluminum melting furnace are easy to install, operate, and manipulate.
Crucible can be easy replaced.
Normally the electrical aluminum furnace also consist of Swing top cover with lateral displacement.

Electrical Aluminum Furnace:-
An electrical aluminum melting furnace consist of a vessel for supporting molten aluminum and a roof and upper wall structure cooperating with side walls of the vessel to define a heating chamber above the molten aluminum. Large number of unshielded resistance heating elements are supported by the roof and upper wall structure above the molten aluminum.

Gas fired furnace:-
Gas fired aluminum furnace produces a flat flame pattern that promotes even heating by radiation from the roof and eliminates flame impingement on the bath, minimizing metal losses. The firing is proportional and heating is controlled which is distributed homogeneously. For proportional firing for better temperature control and maximum energy savings A variable speed blower is used. The unique burner and blower combination eliminate metal temperature "creep-up" at low fire and still provide maximum metal temperature recovery at high fire. The furnace is easy to stall because the majority of the combustion train and the junction box are mounted on the top of the roof which free up valuable floor space. A pneumatic roof opening mechanism is included providing easy access to the heating chamber for fluxing and cleaning.

Super furnace on National small industries corporation (NSIC)Faridabad furnace manufacturer.


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